Address formatting

All e-mail addresses can be plain e-mail addresses

[email protected]

or with formatted name (includes unicode support)

"Ноде Майлер" <[email protected]>

Notice that all address fields (even from:) are comma separated lists, so if you want to use a comma in the name part, make sure you enclose the name in double quotes: "Майлер, Ноде" <[email protected]>

or as an address object (in this case you do not need to worry about the formatting, no need to use quotes etc.)

    name: 'Майлер, Ноде',
    address: '[email protected]'

All address fields accept comma separated list of e-mails or an array of e-mails or an array of comma separated list of e-mails or address objects – use it as you like. Formatting can be mixed.

to: '[email protected], "Ноде Майлер" <[email protected]>, "Name, User" <[email protected]>',
cc: ['[email protected]', '"Ноде Майлер" <[email protected]>, "Name, User" <[email protected]>'],
bcc: ['[email protected]', {name: 'Майлер, Ноде', address: '[email protected]'}]

You can even use unicode domains, these are automatically converted to punycode

'"Unicode Domain" <info@müriaad-polü>'